AdEx – ADX: Buying AdEx Review and White Paper

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Welcome to our Buying AdEx Review. Our guide includes cryptocurrency exchanges for buying AdEx, our review of the AdEx project, the AdEx white paper, and additional resources to help you learn more about AdEx.

Buying AdEx:

Buying AdEx Review White Paper

Buy AdEx now on Binance

What is the best cryptocurrency exchange for buying AdEx? Read our Cryptocurrency Exchanges Guide

To buy AdEx on Binance, you will first need to buy Bitcoin from Coinbase. Then you’ll send that Bitcoin to Binance to purchase AdEx. If you purchase at least $100 of Bitcoin through this Coinbase link, Coinbase will give you an extra $10 of Bitcoin.

AdEx Review:

~ This is not financial advice. We are merely sharing our personal opinions based on our own research. You should do your own research as well to reach your own conclusions. ~

AdEx is a blockchain-based advertising exchange that matched advertisers and content creators. It is built on Ethereum and it aims to eliminate advertising fraud and protect consumer’s privacy. Digital advertising is a huge and growing industry and AdEx is positioning itself to capitalize on it.

AdEx White Paper and Resources:

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AdEx White Paper PDF

AdEx Website

AdEx Blog

AdEx Team

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