Aeternity – AE: Buying Aeternity Review and White Paper

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Welcome to the Aeternity Info Sheet from White Paper Pagoda. Below we have the Aeternity white paper which can be read on this site or downloaded for future reading. We also include other useful information to assist your research, including links to exchanges so you can buy Aeternity today.

White Paper Pagoda’s Take on Aeternity:

Four Stars

~ This is not financial advice. We are merely sharing our personal opinions based on our own research. You should do your own research as well to reach your own conclusions. ~

How to buy Aeternity:

Buy Aeternity now on Binance

Aeternity White Paper

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Crypto Sector:



Ethereum ERC20

Research Resources for Aeternity:

Aeternity Blockchain White Paper PDF

Aeternity Website

Aeternity Team

Aeternity Blog

Aeternity Twitter

Aeternity White Paper

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How to Mine Aeternity:

Aeternity is not mineable

Their Pitch:

Aeternity is a new blockchain technology, designed to deliver unmatched efficiency, transparent governance and global scalability. Smart contracts exist only inside off chain state channels. Only in case of a disagreement the smart contract code gets enforced by the æternity blockchain. An oracle machine connects public real world data with smart contracts. Oracles are categorically more powerful than Turing-complete computational models. Consensus is achieved via a novel hybrid Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS) algorithm. æternity implements a form of futarchy, where miners vote and value-holders bet to make decisions together.

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