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Cryptocurrency Products & Books Review

Everyday a new cryptocurrency book, product or service is released.

A few are absolute gems which will help you

  • Save time
  • Choose the right coins
  • Identify the best times to buy and sell
  • Improve your ROI
  • Protect your coins
  • Outperform the market and your peers

Of course, to find those, you have to wade through a ton of resources that are not helpful or even worse, will actually give you bad advice and cost you time and money.

That’s why wecreated this Cryptocurrency Book, Product and Service Review. We cover the few books, products, and services that we personally like and believe will turbocharge you experience in cryptocurrencies.

First, we will cover books. Consider these your must-read cryptocurrency reading list. These books will catapult you way ahead of your competition and help you understand the whole cryptocurrency industry broadly.

Next we will cover cryptocurrency products that you will want to get, especially products for protecting your coins. You wouldn’t leave a baby unattended or drop a small child off at a stranger’s house. Don’t leave your coins in a vulnerable position either. We’ll review the best products for keeping your cryptocurrencies safe and secure!

Cryptocurrency Books Review 

Cryptoassets Book Review Cryptoassets

We here at White Paper Pagoda are big fans of Chris Burniske and follow him on Twitter. This book is probably THE entry level book to read if you want to get a broad understanding of the crypto world. We love this book because it covers the origins of Bitcoin, the other big players in the industry as of 2017, and helps you understand why crypto will change the world and how a reasonable investor can smartly try to benefit from this. If you want an introduction to this space, this book is very readable and highly informative.

Mastering Bitcoin Book ReviewMastering Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos is a giant in the world of Bitcoin. And his Mastering Bitcoin is an incredible book. Now here’s the thing, at various points, this book gets into the nitty gritty of the coding behind Bitcoin. So if you don’t come from a background in tech, this book will challenge you. We definitely read Cryptoassets first. However, at some point, if you are going to invest in this space, you need to tackle Mastering Bitcoin. No other crypto book has pushed forward our knowledge like this one. Do you hear terms like hash, coinbase, consensus, etc. tossed around and want to really understand what going on? This book will get you there. This book is absolutely worth the time you will put into it.

The Sovereign Individual Book Review The Sovereign Individual

We literally waited months to get a physical copy of this book. As of the moment we write this, there are only 12 new copies available on And this make shock you, this book was written in the late 90s, 10 year before the birth of Bitcoin. So why are we including it as one of only a few crypto books we recommend buying and reading?

The Sovereign Individual predicts ways in which the world will change due to the rise of the internet. Sure, tons of books like this have been written, but this one rings eerily true over and over again. In the first chapter of the book it predicts the rise of a digital currency. Of course, it doesn’t call it Bitcoin, but the authors describe our present moment well, including government hostility towards digital currencies, their use as a way of maintaining privacy, the rise of nationalism, the massive impetuous toward decentralization, and how that will impact countries, corporations, and individuals. If you want to understand the rise of cryptocurrencies, the challenges it will face, and how you should position yourself to maximize your opportunities and reduce your risks, this book is a game-changer. Subsequent rereads always yields even more understanding of our present world. Not bad for a book that’s 20 years old!

The Bitcoin Standard Book Review The Bitcoin Standard

This book could more simply be called the Bitcoin Bible. It explains it’s origins, the very real world problems that Bitcoin is solving, and why it matter so much. You’ll learn economic history, the basics of the tech behind Bitcoin, and answers to questions you’ve probably wanted to ask such as…

Is Bitcoin mining a waste of energy?

Is Bitcoin for criminals?

Who controls Bitcoin, and can they change it if they please?

How can Bitcoin be killed?

What about all the thousands of Bitcoin knock-offs, and the many supposed applications of Bitcoin’s ‘blockchain technology’?

This book is one of the few that we strongly recommend reading whether you are a beginner or a grizzled veteran of the crypto world.

Cryptocurrency Product Reviews

Exchanges are great places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, but they are not necessarily the best place to store your coins. Most people recommend keeping your coins in cold storage if you plan to hold them for a long time. Cold storage simply means they are not being kept online or in an exchange. A great way to do this is to purchase a cold storage device that allows you to store your coins much more safely than just leaving them inside an exchange.

Currently, the two most popular options are the TREZOR and the Ledger.TREZOR Crypto Exchange Guide

 Get your TREZOR today on to protect your coins!

Ledger Crypto Exchange Guide

Get your Ledger today on to protect your coins!

These cold storage options have even sold out at points, so if they are currently available (which they are at the time of writing this) then you definitely want to make sure you can get your hands on them. You may even feel that it’s not necessary because you are planning to only invest a small amount into cryptocurrencies at the moment, but in previous bull markets, we’ve seen coins go 10X or 100X quickly, so your “small investment” might suddenly be not so small and at that point, you’ll be glad you planned ahead to protect your investment. Exchanges have been hacked in the past. It’s better to protect your investments from day 1. Right now TREZOR and Ledger are the industry standard in security.

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