White Paper FAQs

  • What is a white paper? A white paper is basically an outline of the overall value proposition behind a particular crypto asset.


  • Why would I want to read one? A white paper is a fantastic starting point for understanding an asset that you are considering to purchase. Any serious investor should study a white paper as an initial step of research.


  • Why do you list the original Bitcoin white paper as the white paper for several different crypto assets? Some crypto assets (such as Bitcoin Cash or Litecoin) are essentially versions of Bitcoin with some key differences. But since they each originated as a fork or variation of Bitcoin, the original Bitcoin white paper is still a great source for understanding the newer coins.


  • Does WhitePaperPagoda recommend any particular asset for purchase? No. We do not endorse any particular asset nor crypto assets in general. The inclusion of assets on this site should not be construed as an endorsement. We also include links to some key exchanges for people who want to get set up to buy or sell coins, but we aren’t endorsing any specific exchange. We here at WhitePaperPagoda are invested in several crypto assets and do make use of certain exchanges but we do not endorse anything or anyone here. This site is simply a tool to help potential investors do their own research. We are a like a library – we provide as much access to info as we can but we don’t endorse anything. It is up to you do DYOR – Do Your Own Research!


  • We’d love to support you guys, how can we do that? If you’d like to thank us for our work, we accept Bitcoin. Here’s our address ->     17Ydt5C2yhNHj7mpnzwwR6sFX9cn5cvk2SThank you!

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